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Chapter 6

There are those who have cultivated dead interests in success. Such people have no bearing in this line of action. However, history is filled with case histories in which dead bones rose again.

No one, of course is beyond hope. No one bon in poverty is cursed to eternal poverty. Failure is transient. Failure is permanent if and only if a failure sees it that way and believes in that.

Act Now. Now is the only chance you have. Perhaps now is the only chance you have to live. Life is transiently uncertain. Neither you nor the author can guarantee ourselves the next minute to our lives. And tomorrow is promised to no one. The only time you have to make a change is now and only now.

Delay is costly. Delay is the vehicle to failure. If you think of success, think of now to make it. If you have a problem, think of now to solve it.

If you know the price of delay, you would be better off to avoid it. There is no permanent failure, except that which cannot be tackled with action.

Man Is "Destined" To Act: Everyone Has A Destiny: It could be money, friendship, love, hate, or any other thing which would have a tremendous influence on and from the fellow in question. "We have a date with destiny" remarked Nelson Mandela.

It is not just only the South Africans who have a date with destiny, but everyone as well. South African destiny, of course, is eradication of institution of apartheid system. Yes, their yearning is the desirable destiny of a people so suppressed for so long. It is the kind of destiny needed in a polarized, race-torn society.

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