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Chapter 6

(The Hammer-Point Of Success)

Act Now:

The urge to act is directly related to definiteness in decision-making process. Often, it is action, a prompt one for that matter, that separates a leader from a follower.

Action does the unthinkable. The base of action is fundamental to success.

One cannot succeed unless one is ready, and able to act. Do act, you will usurp the tricks to success.

Action conceals fear. Some fear is smart on success. What then is an irony devoid of intrigue? It is the brilliant phenomenon which a brilliant person uses to usurp while the lazy ones do overlook. Success makers shake its core, turn the tides only to reap an amazing success.

Act now and win. Act not and lose. Look around you. There are so many losers around. At least 90% of them failed owing to their delay in striking when their Rods Of Destiny Were Red Hot. More so, as they still fail not knowing the same rods of destiny do have their origin right from the core of an undiminishable ocean of success.

What a tragedy that our world is that way! "Ignorance is a disease" is often a remarkable notion in Igboland The same colorful statement holds true in Igboland in everything and in everywhere. How could one; an ungifted one so, perform well without the necessary grooming'? To do that will be an outgrowth of a "miracle". Even so, a "miracle" is a special "gift."

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