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I owe a debt of gratitudes to the following friends: Mr. Richard Henshaw, a fine Nigerian-born Boston Police officer. Mr. Wasswa Mapanga, from Uganda, Mr. Dramwell Otuda a Kenyan, Mrs. Ann Petipas, my good manager at Worldwide Parking Associates, Linda, her sister, Mr. Bruce Ho, a fine young man, and many more thanks to all the other coworkers at the same Worldwide Parking Associates.

It is desirable that I register my thanks to Mr. Patrick Madu, a good friend of mine who always gave me some encouraging pep-talks while I was writing in the Boston Public Library (B.P.L.), Mrs. Edith lwuobi, a fine Nigerian lady who also works at the same B.P.L., Dr. Joe Idahosa Ordia, an eminent medical authority at Boston University Medical School, and Mr.

Douglas Caraganis. I am equally indebted to Mrs. Frances Pierce, a fine African American woman whose Christian lifestyles I always love to admire, Mrs. Debbie Henderson, her loving sister, Mrs. Irene Smith, their sweet mother. I owe a world of thanks to Liz Tagen for her typing excellence; and more so in getting the job done under a great pressure. Many kudos are also due her pretty daughter, Susan Tagen for her sweetness in helping with this typing endeavor.

There are many thanks to all members of Nigerian-American MultiService Association, NAMSA. Special thanks really, are due Dr.

Philip Aquan, the current President of the association. Dr. Aquan is not offly a good friend, but a mentor and an encourager in this literary endeavor.

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