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Chapter 7

There were over three hundred people at the double wedding of Dan and Sara and Davy-Jake and Lydia. Reverend Mandal was there with forty-five other Indian Christians. Everyone cheered when the two couples came out of the church. The reception was held outside in the big open area between the parking lot and the tree line.

After Lydia shoved the piece of cake up into Davy-Jake's face, the fiddles and guitars and drums came out and everyone danced. The music was a combination of bluegrass and salsa.

After dancing half the morning with most of the males including twelve-year-old Roscoe Diamond, Sara Diamond sat down with some punch to cool off. It was the last day of June, hot and muggy. Through the morning haze and heat waves she watched a gaunt male figure walk up next to the church from the gravel road that wound down hill.

Sara realized who it was before she could make out the face. She got up from the picnic table, kicked off her shoes, and ran. She picked up the hem of her wedding dress, running as fast as she could.

When she got up close to Rick she hardly recognized him. On his face was a three-day stubble of black fuzz. He now had blond hair with black roots and his eyes were blue instead of brown. He wore cheap blue denim filthy with dried mud and was barefoot.

Sara took his face into her hands and looked deeply into his eyes. She could see and feel some of what had happened to him. He seemed dazed by the aroma of barbecue chicken and the sight of hundreds of normal-looking people on the church grounds decorated with red, white, and blue American flags. American flags displayed out in the open.

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