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Chapter 6

The back seat of the car was messy with empty cups, papers, and plastic bags full of groceries but smelled like jasmine. Rick gave the girls a serious look as he slouched down in the seat. In a few seconds he rose back up to peek out the back window.

"I'm Jill." The passenger girl sported an amused half smile.

"Chin," the driver chirped. Both were pretty Eurasian girls. They were wearing short skirts that were more feminine than the Scary Clown Club girls' clothes so he decided to trust them.

"Call me 'M'," Rick said. "Try to take some side streets."

Chin obliged. She did several sharp turns onto side streets and then drove down an alley. Jill kept the amused half smile as she studied Rick. Chin got them out onto a main road busy with morning traffic and Rick began to relax. The sun was up now and they were heading west.

"That's a nice suit." Jill gave him a full smile now.

"I'll sell it to you." Rick kept his serious face but she made him want to smile back.

"So who's the scary lady?" Chin asked.

"Someone I had a relationship with."

"How long?" Jill asked.

"About a month. Seemed like a prison sentence."

" She's older than you?" Chin now looked him over in the rear view mirror.

"Yeah, she was one of my high school teachers. She taught, well never mind what she taught." Rick sat up and turned his head to look out the back window one more time then turned back to Jill.

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