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Chapter 8

"Everybody heard the sonic boom about 8:42 PM our time," Johnny D'Soussa said. He and Judson Hawkingson stood on the church battlefield an hour after a grey sunrise. Judson led a hundred men armed with crossbows; most of them now busy using meat hooks to drag the sixty transgenic carcasses into a pile to be burned.

"But the explosion up here was heard an hour before the Big Boom?" Judson asked. They already knew the "Big Boom" was heard all over the world.

"That's what they're saying in Riverton," Johnny said.

"This battlefield doesn't make any sense." Judson bent down to look close up at the trampled grass. "It seems like just one fighter put all these crazy-looking things down. The church looks like some giant just stepped on it. It must have been a powerful air burst that went off right above it."

"Maybe that Sikh man we met coming up the road had some serious martial arts training."

"Might just be possible," Judson said. "It sure wasn't Floyd and Lloyd that did all this. But where are they? Where are all the rest?"

Rick climbed out of the rubble to report there were bloody clothes but no sign of bodies and no evidence any bodies were dug out.

"Was there radio chatter about prisoners taken from here last night?" Judson asked.

"No," Rick answered. He had been up all night monitoring radio frequencies and netcasts. "In fact they're accusing us of massacring transgenics here. They did a short interview with Dean Browner and he said Wayne came up here with two hundred other 'transgenic children' and only three got back. Mainly they've been talking about the currency crisis and the banks closing. The bottom fell out faster than I think even the neogenes were planning for. There were bread riots all over the world starting last night and pro- and anti-transgenic riots in the suburbs around Saint Louis and a lot of other cities too. The network of feeding stations is broken down and the transgenics are going hungry. The one thing everybody agrees on, whether they're transgenic or secular human, is that Christians and Israel are to blame for the chaos and no food in the stores."

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