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Chapter 8

"Sorry, just needed to check something."

The agent sat down. He wore brown trousers, white shirt and a blue and brown conventional tie. All the clothes were wrinkled. The tie was food stained. No one would have known he was an agent except for the old Ruger P90 strapped into a worn leather shoulder holster.

"We're fairly certain we have the right Jose Saladna. Is your wife named Karima?"

Jose nodded, a perplexed expression on his face.

"We've checked this out carefully, so, in these cases, we ask the husband to come in."

"What cases?" asked Jose. "Karima and I were married just two years ago. We hit it off right from the beginning."

The agent frowned. He now had the premonition that this case was going to be difficult.

"As I understand it, Mr. Saladna, you picked Karima out of a Brides4U database and paid for her trip here to the US as well as her temporary visa."

Jose became slightly red around the ears. He didn't like it to be known that in the past he had experienced problems finding a woman. His father, who had been a straight-laced LA cop, would have never condoned finding a bride by e-mail.

"Brides4U is a well known service," Jose said in a low voice. "Their people thoroughly check the histories and papers for all who participate. You don't have any right to question their procedures."

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