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Chapter 11

Apparently physical beauty buys you nothing in this crappy world. Of course, between the genetic engineers and the plastic surgeons, there ain't any reason to be ugly anymore, especially if you're a woman. That Jamie also made some bucks working for his same employer made them comrades in some sense. It amused him. It also made her pay attention to him. Sometimes she even had a special smile for him when he came in. Maybe it was just one employee saying hi to another, but it made him feel special.

While he was waiting for her to come back, a figure from his past sat down across from Frank. His name was Joe Kelly and Frank knew that Joe had been following him ever since he had returned to San Diego. Frank knew that someday he'd have to eventually kill him.

This bad ass had probably been waiting for Frank to get back from his trip. It surprised him, though, that Joe would make a move in a crowded club.

If it was me, I'd have gone after me before I got inside. The newcomer carefully laid a dagger down on the table. It was a real jewel of a knife. The handle looked like carved ivory and the metal gleamed. It looked razor sharp. Frank was immediately wary.

"How you doing, Frank?"

Joe Kelly was a small time thug who hired himself out as a bodyguard to anyone who felt they needed one. In this part of San Diego, most people did need one at one time or another. Frank had last seen Joe sprawled out on the floor of another bar. He had decked him for harassing a waitress.

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