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Chapter 2

Philadelphia suburbs, December, 2077, Friday…

Frank Morgan sighted the US Army XM25 sniper rifle towards the parking lot. Then he stuck up an index finger wet with saliva to test the wind. There was only a slight breeze. The wet rain mixed with snow was gone and the air was clear. It would be an easy kill, even in the half light of dawn. It was a good day to do the Lord's work.

He never had any remorse. By killing an abortion doctor, he saved maybe thousands of babies. He considered himself an avenging angel, punishing those who had become agents of Satan and perverted their God-given abilities to save lives. If he could, he would take out all the judges and politicos who perpetuated the myth that life began at birth.

With preemies being saved at twenty weeks, how could anyone think like that? He just didn't understand what people were thinking anymore.

It's like they're horses with blinders on. One of his heroes was Eric Rudolph. Just a footnote in history now in the minds of many, Frank had come across his story while researching a high school term paper.

That hadn't gone well. The stupid nun gave me a D and sent a note to my parents saying that I shouldn't idolize a murderer, no matter how much I was against abortion. Daddy came home late, hauled me out of bed, and beat me. There once was a time when his father had been his hero. The New York City cop was as straight-laced as they came. The family had gone to mass every Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan had struggled to keep up with the payments for their three children's parochial schools, firmly believing that their children would have a stable and moral education there. Considering the public school alternatives in their section of the city, it had been a logical choice, except for the cost.

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