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Chapter 3

"Nah, trapped it 'gainst the glass. My body blocked everybody's view, 'cept maybe Ricardo's."

"Actually, mine too," said Ricardo with a laugh.

"So, it's thirty to twenty. Play to forty?"

The three made it close because Frank had one of his spurts where he drained everything he shot. In a real game half of his shots would have been three-pointers. The game ended at forty to thirty-eight in favor of Ricardo and Father Gomez.

While the boys quickly showered and left the gym to go home, Father Gomez took a lazier shower, trying to work out the soreness in his muscles by letting the warm water wash over his body. At thirty-seven, he knew he was past his prime yet he hated to admit it. His black hair was graying around the ears. His dark brown eyes were failing just a little too - soon he would need the standard corrective surgery. He still had a flat stomach and good muscle tone but the stamina of ten years before was no longer there.

Juan Pablo Gomez had grown up in a family of seven in Galveston, Texas. His father had worked on the oil platforms out in the Gulf, making good money and managing to send five of his children to college. The other two, Laura, the baby sister, and Juan Pablo, had received another calling. Laura had become a nun; Juan Pablo had become a priest.

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