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Chapter 7

Damn, it was a long way down.

Stephen stared blankly out the window as rush hour traffic whizzed below. He should be in his car too, going home to his wife and kids after a hard day's work. Problem was, Stacey had left him four months ago and taken Stevie and Anna with her. She also took everything in the checking and savings, as well as the Visa. That was why the car was repossessed last week.

He looked at his watch. 5:15. Tony was late, again. Bastard's always late, thought the right side of his brain. Don't complain, said the left. There's no law saying he has to cart you around.

The phone rang. Stephen paused, then answered.

"Good afternoon, advertising. Can I help you?"

"Yes. Is Mr. Steve Parhurst available?"

"Ah...hold on. I'll check. Um...May I ask who's calling?"



"It's personal."

"Uh huh. Hold please." I don't know any Marie, he thought. "I can't find him. He must have gone home for the evening. May I take a message?"

Marie gave him an 800 number and said good-bye. When personal business involves an 800 number, it's never good. Must be the bank again. Stephen picked up the family photo on his desk. "You sure screwed me good this time, Stacey," he mumbled. Alimony. Child support. Her debt. His debt. Lawyer fees. He leaned over and looked out the window again. It sure was a long way down. He remembered seeing on TV one time some expert say most jumpers were dead before they hit the ground.

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