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Chapter 1

So Chris decides he wants to run a Call of Cthulhu © campaign. We were all a little burnt out on traditional fantasy settings and wanted a change. So we put aside our concerns that Chris has always been a closet-worshipper of the Elder Gods and agreed. We figured, we were all slightly insane anyway, so we wouldn't suffer from any continued sanity point loss… If you've never played a roleplaying game, I encourage you to do so. Nothing cures writer's block quite like exploring hidden alien tombs and fighting off evil extraplanar monsters that want to eat your brain. I've also discovered RPG's to be a good means of eliminating those homicidal tendencies developed from dealing with inane co-workers, road rage, the DMV, paying bills, etc.

But that is neither here nor there.

Many of the characters you are about to meet were born around a game table. And the folks that gave those characters life deserve some recognition.

Natasha Collins: Julie Dawson (that's me!) Natalie Collins: Heather "The Brownie" DuFresne (now that your corruption is complete, we can turn our attentions to your daughters … wait … they're already evil. Oh well.) Nicolette Collins: Kelly Ebinger (So, did Chris like the way you "played Doctor?") Sven: Mike "Lord Cheese" DeWalt (sorry, no demonic chickens or Illithian phones, so put that plunger away!) Trent Jones: Mike DeGroat (you know, Natasha never would have needed Christian if you hadn't dropped out of the game ... ).

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