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Chapter 2

February 2, 1924

"Dear God, which angel did I so offend that I shall die without grandchildren?" exclaimed Mother. The thunder outside echoed her sentiments, but gave her no reply.

"Mother, your hysterics are unbecoming," said Nicolette.

"I am entitled to my hysterics, as I have been cursed to be the mother of spinsters!"

Natalie and I scolded each other for mocking Mother behind her back as she feigned collapsing into her chair. It really was not funny. Well, it was a bit funny. Mother had set her heart on Nicolette marrying Dr. Crossman. Why else would he have given her employment at the clinic? It apparently never occurred to Mother that he simply needed another physician.

"There is a gentleman here to see Miss Natalie," said Samuel as he cautiously entered the room. He is so dreadfully timid for a man, but working for Mother all these years has that effect on some people.

"Really?" said Mother.

"A Detective Harper, Mrs. Collins. Concerning a Professor Maritan."

Natalie followed after Samuel. Nicolette and I attempted to stall Mother's pursuit long enough for Natalie to handle whatever business it was the detective had with her. But Mother can smell a potential suitor at 500 yards, and we were unsuccessful in detaining her.

"Any information you can offer would be most appreciated, Professor Collins," said Detective Harper as we followed Mother into the reception room.

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