The Second Book of Iaddius Iohann (Death and Dissension, page 1 of 14)

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"Darkness spread her long grim fingers over the lands of our ancestors causing everyman's blood to run black. The hearts of men were turned one against the other and atrocities and abominations were committed at every hand. Death and dissension reigned mightily and the armies of our ancestors, ravaged by ugly social decease and fear, began to falter and their government began to fail. The ever oppressive Maikinic force was pushing forward slaughtering men without check. Those were dark days. The miracle is that we survived the night." - Gul-Janice, Circa 523 ISY


Every man comes to a point in his life in which the wiles and idiocy of his current endeavors suddenly pounce upon him with such force and such weight that it is brutally impossible to ignore. This, of course, is no good because suddenly every effort, every undertaking which he had once so passionately pursued threatens to lose both its vitality and its validity. If, as he has feared, he has truly wasted all of his passion and all of his zeal towards a certain goal only to discover that the goal is really quite obsolete, then where is he then left?

As I stood on a small bluff, overlooking the dark desert valley below and watching as Maikin arrows fell through the darkness with the fury of rain in a hurricane, the roar of their impact drowning out the cries of the few remaining survivors, it occurred to me that there was as stark possibility that this was all in vain. When the roar had silenced and every arrow fallen there were, of course, no more cries. They had been silenced, cut off by the raining death. As I looked out at the retreating army - retreating because is was late and there was nothing now to be done, the threat had been eliminated - I realized that there, fleeing after the enemy was my very purpose. And as I looked down into the valley at the corpses of men riddled with such a quantity of arrows, as was that entire valley, it looked as if long grass grew from their lifeless bodies; I too shriveled within my skin and became as they.

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