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Chapter 3

She pressed the END button and then speed dialed Crime Fighters, her place of work. It was 6:45 am in the nation's capital. The night desk would still be in.

"Crime Fighters E-Zine," came the voice. It was Ben Ito, technically one of her bosses, and also a good friend. Then the video signal synched up and she was looking at a man in his late thirties with dark circles under his eyes. Being on the night desk is not easy. "Ben, Jay here. I've just got a tip on a good story down in St. Mary's City."

"St. Mary's City, Maryland? Are you kidding? Nothing happens in southern Maryland. Even the crabs get so bored they jump into the pot."

"Triple murder. County sheriff, coroner, and forensics specialist."

"Wow! I take back what I just said. Are you going down?"

Any hint of a good story excited Ben Ito.

"Beats wasting another day down at the precinct. Tell Olaf for me, will ya?"

"OK. I hope to be reading about it soon."

"You bet. Catch ya later."

She had nearly finished her circular path around the park, so her car was only about 200 meters away. She ran to it, thinking of Dolores all the way.

Her friend had been her constant companion as they survived together the tough LA streets of their childhood. They escaped that bad environment when they walked into the marine recruiting office together. The marines force fed them an education, molding Jay into a top recon and photo interpretation expert and Dolores into a computer and communications specialist. The first was a far more dangerous specialty than the second, being closer to the front lines, so it was ironic that Dolores came out of the war wounded, not Jay. An RPG killed her comrades in a hummer although she survived. In the hospital Dolores met John Milton. By the time he became county sheriff, she already had a flourishing software business established. Since she worked out of her home, the move from Philly to Lexington Park was easy for her, although Jay suspected that both John and Dolores sometimes missed the excitement of a big city.

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