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"Have a good life," SW1 told the other two.

The two men smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

"It'll be a life on the run," said HJ1, "but I don't care. At least we're outside the Center."

The other two nodded in agreement. They all thought it was better than the alternative.

"Yeah," said FS2, "and now it's time to move out, kids."

They split up and headed off into the Virginia countryside, running at first, and then slowing down to a fast-paced walk. They had bottles of water and snacks in their backpacks, enough for a good 48 hours. However, they weren't going to get far unless they found transportation. But they knew where to find it.

The police had reports of stolen cars from three different locations that early Saturday morning. It was the plan the three escapees had all agreed upon. None of them had ever driven any kind of vehicle before. However, they knew the theory and didn't find it difficult. A few banged fenders and bumpers were irrelevant in the long run, anyway. They also all knew they would have to steal other cars as they moved away from the Center; otherwise the Guardians might find them.

FS2 headed north, keeping off the thruways with their autopilot signals. He was wiry and the shortest of the three. His unruly mop of red hair would make him stand out in a crowd but he had no money to buy hair dye. Instead, he put on an old baseball cap he found in the back seat of his stolen car. He drove methodically, concentrating on the road, learning the controls as he went along.

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