The Colors of Space (Chapter 9, page 2 of 15)

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Chapter 9

"How about let's get some food from the rations clerk, and do some

The sun overhead was a clear greenish-gold, the sky strewn with soft
pale clouds that cast racing shadows on the soft grass underfoot,
fragrant pinkish-yellow stuff strewn with bright vermilion puff-balls.
Bart wished he were alone to enjoy it.

"How are the repairs coming?"

"Pretty well. But Karol got his hand half scorched off, poor fellow.
Just luck the same thing didn't happen to me." Ringg added. "You know
that Mentorian--the young one, the medic's assistant?"

"I've seen her. Her name's Meta, I think." Suddenly, Bart wished the
Mentorian girl were with him here. It would be nice to hear a human

"Oh, is it a female? Mentorians all look alike to me," Ringg said, while
Bart controlled his face with an effort. "Be that as it may, she saved
me from having the same thing happen. I was just going to lean against a
strip of sheet metal when she screamed at me. Do you think they can
really see heat vibrations? She called it red-hot."

They had reached a line of tall cliffs, where a steep rock-fall divided
off the plain from the edge of the mountains. A few slender, drooping,
gold-leaved trees bent graceful branches over a pool. Bart stood
fascinated by the play of green sunlight on the emerald ripples, but
Ringg flung himself down full length on the soft grass and sighed
comfortably. "Feels good."

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