The Colors of Space (Chapter 7, page 1 of 17)

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Chapter 7

"All right, Bart, today we'll let you look at yourself," Raynor Three

Bart smiled under the muffling layers of bandage around his face. His
hands were bandaged, too, and he had not been permitted to look in a
mirror. But the transition had been surprisingly painless--or perhaps
his sense of well-being had been due to Raynor Three slipping him some

He'd been given injections of a chemical that would change the color of
his skin; there had been minor operations on his face, his hands, his

"Let's see you get up and walk around."

Bart obeyed awkwardly, and Raynor frowned. "Hurt?"

"Not exactly, but I feel as if I were limping."

"That's to be expected. I changed the angle of the heel tendon and the
muscle of the arch. You're using a different set of muscles when you
walk; until they harden up, you'll have some assorted Charley horses.
Have any trouble hearing me?"

"No, though I'd hear better without all these bandages," Bart said

"All in good time. Any trouble breathing?"

"No, except for the bandages."

"Fine. I changed the shape of your ears and nostrils, and it might have
affected your hearing or your breathing. Now, listen, Bart: I'm going to
take the bandages off your hands first. Sit down."

Bart sat across the table from him, obediently sticking out his hands.
Raynor Three said, "Shut your eyes."

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