The Colors of Space (Chapter 5, page 2 of 9)

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Chapter 5

"It's a personal matter."

"Then I suggest you see him at his home."

"It can't wait that long."

The girl studied the glassy surface and punched at some more of the
little lights. "Name, please?"

"David Briscoe."

He had thought her perfect-painted face could not show any emotion
except disdain, but it did. She looked at him in open, blank
consternation. She said into the vision-screen, "He calls himself David
Briscoe. Yes, I know. Yes, sir, yes." She raised her face, and it was
controlled again, but not bored. "Raynor One will see you. Through that
door, and down to the end of the hall."

At the end of the hallway was another door. He stepped through into a
small cubicle, and the door slid shut like a closing trap. He whirled in
panic, then subsided in foolish relief as the cubicle began to rise--it
was just an automatic elevator.

It rose higher and higher, stopping with an abrupt jerk, and slid open
into a lighted room and office. A man sat behind a desk, watching Bart
step from the elevator. The man was very tall and very thin, and the
gray eyes, and the intensity of the lights, told Bart that he was a
Mentorian. Raynor One?

Under the steady, stern gray stare, Bart felt the slow, clutching suck
of fear again. Was this man a slave of the Lhari, who would turn him
over to them? Or someone he could trust? His own mother had been a

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