The Colors of Space (Chapter 5, page 1 of 9)

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Chapter 5

For a moment the words swirled before Bart's still-watering eyes. He
wiped them, trying to steady himself. Had he so soon reached the end of
his dangerous quest? Somehow he had expected it to lie in deep, dark

Raynor One. The existence of Raynor One presupposed a Raynor Two and
probably a Raynor Three--for all he knew, Raynors Four, Five, Six, and
Sixty-six! The building looked solid and real. It had evidently been
there a long time.

With his hand on the door, he hesitated. Was it, after all, the right
Eight Colors? But it was a family saying; hardly the sort of thing you'd
be apt to hear outside. He pushed the door and went in.

The room was filled with brighter light than the Procyon sun outdoors,
the edges of the furniture rimmed with neon in the Mentorian fashion. A
prim-looking girl sat behind a desk--or what should have been a desk,
except that it looked more like a mirror, with little sparkles of
lights, different colors, in regular rows along one edge. The mirror-top
itself was blue-violet and gave her skin and her violet eyes a bluish
tinge. She was smooth and lacquered and glittering and she raised her
eyebrows at Bart as if he were some strange form of life she hadn't seen
very often.

"I'd--er--like to see Raynor One," he said.

Her dainty pointed fingernail, varnished blue, stabbed at points of
light. "On what business?" she asked, not caring.

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