The Colors of Space (Chapter 4, page 2 of 9)

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Chapter 4

The ship was streaking toward Procyon, a sol-type star, bright yellow;
the three planets, Alpha, Beta and Gamma, ringed like Saturn and veiled
in shimmering layers of cloud, swung against the night. Past them other
stars, brighter stars, faraway stars he would never see, glimmered
through the pale dust....

"Hello, Dave. Been space-sick all this time? Remember me? I met you
about six weeks ago in the lounge down here--just out from Earth."

Oh, no! Bart turned, with a mental groan, to face Tommy. "I've been in
cold-sleep," he said. He couldn't be rude again.

"What a dull way to face a long trip!" Tommy said cheerily. "I've
enjoyed every minute of it myself."

It was hard for Bart to realize that, for Tommy, their meeting had been
six weeks ago. It all seemed dreamlike. The closer he came to it, the
less he could realize that in a few hours he'd be getting off on a
strange world, with only the strange name Raynor Three as a guide. He
felt terribly alone, and having Tommy close at hand helped, even though
Tommy didn't know he was helping.

"Maybe I should have stayed awake."

"You should," Tommy said. "I only slept for a couple of hours at each
warp-drive shift. We had a day-long stopover at Sirius Eighteen, and I
took a tour of the planet. And I've spent a lot of time down here, just
star-gazing--not that it did me much good. Which one is Antares? How do
you tell it from Aldebaran? I'm always getting them mixed up."

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