The Colors of Space (Chapter 1, page 2 of 13)

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Chapter 1

"Let me give you a hand with that stuff, Tommy."

"I can manage," Tommy chuckled, hefting the plastic cases. "They don't
allow you much baggage weight on the Lhari ships. Certainly not more
than I can handle."

The two lads stood in front of the spaceport gate for a minute. Over the
gate, which was high and pointed and made of some clear colorless
material like glass, was a jagged symbol resembling a flash of
lightning; the sign, in Lhari language, for the home world of the Lhari.

They walked through the pointed glass gate, and stood for a moment, by
mutual consent, looking down over the vast expanse of the Lhari

This had once been a great desert. Now it was all floored in with some
strange substance that was neither glass, metal nor concrete; it looked
like gleaming crystal--though it felt soft underfoot--and in the glare
of the noonday sun, it gave back the glare in a million rainbow flashes.
Tommy put his hands up to his eyes to shield them. "The Lhari must have
funny eyes, if they can stand all this glare!"

Inside the glass gate, a man in a guard's uniform gave them each a pair
of dark glasses. "Put them on now, boys. And don't look directly at the
ship when it lands."

Tommy hooked the earpieces of the dark glasses over his ears, and sighed
with relief. Bart frowned, but finally put them on. Bart's mother had
been a Mentorian--from the planet Mentor, of the star Deneb, a hundred
times brighter than the sun. Bart had her eyes. But Mentorians weren't
popular on Earth, and Bart had learned to be quiet about his mother.

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