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Chapter 2

Niki was still on her first cup of coffee when Red let himself into the bus the following morning.

"Well, good morning!" T.C. greeted him. "Time for a cup of coffee?" She filled a cup and set it down on the table across from Niki without waiting for a response.

"Can't. Eli's waiting for his sister." He nodded in Niki's direction.

"Oh, Eli can wait long enough for you to have one cup," T.C. protested.

Red just shifted his weight from one foot to the other and looked poi tedly toward the open door.

Niki settled it. "Red's right. I promised Eli I'd be there first thing this morning. We still have a lot to catch up on." She rose and took a last sip of coffee then put the cup in the kitchen sink. "Thanks for putting me up, T.C."

She followed Red out the door as T.C. rattled on about enjoying the company, and how white folks needed to learn to take it easy more often.

Niki had to take two steps to every one of Red's just to keep up. "How is he this morning?"

"He'll do."

"You don't talk, much do you? Or is it me?"

"It's not you."

Niki let it drop. She had too much on her mind for small talk, anyway.

Eli was propped up reading a tattered magazine when Niki arrived. "Good morning. How did you sleep? Did T.C. make you her world famous hotcakes?"

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