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Chapter 3

The following night, Red and Niki escorted Lita to the sect meeting house. Sobbing, Lita drew her daughter's blood. The private alcove they used for the procedure looked more like a doctor's office than it did a place to practice the ancient arts, but Niki was still nervous. When it was done, she kissed and hugged her mother before being shown to the door.

Outside, Red was smoking a cigarette next to her Jeep and she went over and stood next to him. There was nothing to do now but wait.

At quarter past one, Lita joined them.

"It is done."

*** The next morning, Red drove Lita and Niki to the camp. If all had gone as expected, there should be nothing left to see.

When they arrived at the campsite, there was no sign of T.C.'s bus, the RVs, or even the dogs. The sand blew across their faces as they stepped from the Jeep, forcing them to shield their eyes while they looked for any sign of the people who had so recently lived there. There were no ashes from the many campfires, no footprints, no trash, nothing, just Red's Easy Rider, and a knapsack.

The spell had worked. Lita had succeeded in giving her son the peace he had so long sought. Eli was gone, but Niki had the memories of that last visit with him to get her through the hard times ahead.

Red tied the knapsack to the back of his bike and straddled it. Nodding to Niki and Lita, he rode off. He too had gained his freedom, though in a different way. He was freed from the purpose Lita had instilled within him. But he was also freed from the only friends he could ever remember having.

And now, there was only the road, and his bike.

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