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All around the world millions of authors, poets and novelists describe the wondering beauty of Mother Nature. All around the world billions of people read these doxologies and praises. All around this spherical creation, thousands and thousands of organizations are being created for saving Mother Nature. Hmmm… I wonder whether this will work … Because if only one person out of a hundred realizes his mistake towards nature, no impact. Yes I agree the individual can spread awareness… but what good will that do?! I hardly think the others are ever going to pay heed!

Here's an incident which happened in school… Our biology teacher announced to our school at large that an environmental agency was hoisting a paper collecting event at a stretch for two months, and so we were supposed to collect waste news paper from our houses. Nearly half the time was over. I had disposed off all my newspapers. Don't be too overwhelmed!!! My real intention was to clear my house off waste!

In the end, disappointed at the lack of response, my teacher converted the event into a competition instead. The next day my dreams of seeing the Eiffel Tower came true, as one was built in the centre of the school. Obvious isn't it? These organizations and activities are looked upon with the intention of increasing the certificate bundle and decorating the show-case with golden trophies and shields. Be honest with yourself and you will be forced to agree.

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