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PublicBookshelf has science books that cover a wide variety of topics from the effects of global warming to nuclear pollution. Read books online free.

Discover new worlds with books written about astronomy, or rediscover old ones by studying earth science. Some of the topics covered in the Science category include biology, entomology, oceanography and zoology. Authors, who are passionate about their science background, whether they are scientists, researchers or professors, eagerly share their knowledge here with you—the reader.

Natural sciences include the study of biology, earth science and botany, among others. Topics may include the study of volcanoes, a study of genetics and titles written on botanical gardens.

Math science books can also be found in the Science category. Since statistical math is required in order to understand science topics, it only seems natural to include math titles too! Browse titles on quantum mechanics, calculus, statistics, number theory and topology written by scientists studying this field of knowledge.

Social science titles included in this category include sociology, psychology, criminology, as well as many others. Authors explore relationships between individuals, society and individuals and how people respond to their personal environment.

Keep it real with a study of the sciences. Learn not only how the world ticks but why.

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Featured Novel The Mockingbird's Ballad

Doak Maddox Mansfield

History and romantic stories weave through this fascinating tale of life in the 1800s for a girl farrier (blacksmith) and her twin after being forced from their family by the Blood Law. She joins Wheelers Army of Tennessee horse mounted soldiers as one of the few women in the Civil War. Travel the Cherokee homeland in Georgia in the 1840s to the fever-ridden jungles of Cuba in 1898.

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