Wallflower Girl (Chapter 7, page 2 of 5)

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"Nick! What are you doing?"

"Reminding all those truckers that you belong to me."

"Doesn't this ring do that?" She held up her hand in front of her face. He kissed her finger.

"It tells them we're married. This," he touched the mark he'd made on her neck, "tells them we're happy and not to waste their time. You are happy, right?"

She took his face in her hands and drew him down, kissing his lips. "So happy words can't express it, Nick. I love you so much."

One corner of his mouth turned upwards. "I love you too. Have a good day."

They kissed once more and she hurried to the truck, not wanting to be late.

At the truck stop, Anne made coffee and served steaks and sandwiches to lonely looking men with flabby bodies. They tried to flirt, but Anne was not tempted. Her friendly smile was decidedly impersonal. Just part of the job.

After the lunch rush, the bell over the door dinged and a new customer entered, a young woman in bell bottoms embroidered with birds and flowers, with a scarf tied around her head and round sunglasses. Her long, light brown hair hung, frizzy and unkempt, though clean, down her back

"Hi, Patricia," this newcomer greeted her, and Anne suppressed a surge of panic. Who was this hippie? She must be a close friend.

"Hi," Anne replied, smiling.

"I brought that jewellery. Here. Put it in the display case." She handed Anne a box of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made of strings of beads, but skilfully executed, the little stones arranged into patterns of flowers, leaves and birds.

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