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This was just one of their games. She would hide and pretend to resist. He would take her anyway. There was never any question when Nick wanted to make love to his wife. He was in charge in that department and she always obliged his desire for her. He knew her protest was feigned, could see the desire and satisfaction in her eyes when he overcame her protest. She loved the power she had as a woman to make her husband desire her beyond reason, and that was why she teased him, playing demure, when in reality she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

He lifted her in his arms and dropped to the bed, still holding her. Her arms flopped aside as he knelt over her. There was a look of utter submission on her face. Her eyes were still wide but the shock and fear had gone and there was a blank, dreamy light to them. Her lips were wet and reddened where he had smeared the light lipstick she usually put on before he came in for dinner. Her mouth was slightly open and very kissable.

Nick stood and ripped his belt open. "Dinner's fine for a bit isn't it, sweetheart?"

She didn't answer. Her eyes just lowered as he tugged his jeans and shorts down, his erection springing free to lever, engorged and rigid. Her eyes widened and lifted to meet his again.

"Dress on or off?" he asked, grinning at her.

She said nothing. She just peered down at herself then looked up again. Fire was glowing in those hazel depths, raising his desire to a fever pitch. But he played cool.

"On, eh? Okay. We can do dress-on."

He knelt and bent over the bed, moving her legs to either side of his elbows. He lifted the skirt of her dress, along with her frilly apron, up over her belly. She had on cute blue underpants. He glanced up at her wide eyes, grinning cheekily. Then he winked, and bent to bite her crotch through the thin fabric. He bit her softly, drawing the lovely scent of her sex into his nostrils. He then peeled the elastic leg of her underwear aside and licked her, eliciting a squeal and a clutch of her nails in his hair as her body writhed and her legs attempted to close.

Nick stretched the fabric clear out of the way and kissed his woman's opening deeply and tenderly, extending his tongue to taste her sweet warmth, and pressing against her inner thigh as her legs parted quite deliberately. The fingers in his hair still gripped, but they also pulled him closer. Her body undulated and her belly shuddered as he reached up her dress and grabbed a breast. He worked his hand beneath her bra to feel the soft globe without the interference of the rather rigid fabric of the pointy cup. Her chest was shuddering too. She was half moaning, half whimpering. Nick sucked on her tender folds and massaged her engorged little button. She pulled his hair and ground her opening against his mouth. He kissed her belly, lifting from his knees and getting on top of her. He kept her underpants stretched aside as he guided his penis right to her opening. Then he took her head in his hands as he rolled his pelvis and surged up inside her.

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