Skip Case (David Dean Mysteries) (Prologue, page 2 of 3)

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As the man turned from his room, a young man emerged from the main entrance several yards away and stepped outside. He was dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt and moved with the swagger of youth, someone without a care in the world. The man in the bathing suit recognized him as Leo, his waiter from an earlier dinĀ­ner, and waved.

Leo shook his head and smiled. "Going for a midnight swim, mister?" he called.

The man paused, leaning against a post, and confirmed in a somewhat slurred voice that indeed he was about to take a dip. He added it was too damned hot for this early in May.

"Aw, this is cool weather for Norfolk," Leo replied. "Come back in July if you want to really sweat."

The man muttered a "No, thanks," released his support and continued on his way to the beach across the road.

"You be careful now," Leo called after him, "it's pitch black over there on the beach." The man just waved over his shoulder. Leo thought to himself that with one more drink he'd try to swim across the Chesapeake. He considered warning the Indian night clerk that they had a real winner wandering out on the sand in the middle of the night but discarded the idea. There were better things to do with his time. Francie was waiting and there was cold beer in the fridge. He hurried to his rusty Ford and by the time he pulled out on Ocean View Avenue, the man was out of sight and out of mind.

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