Skip Case (David Dean Mysteries) (Chapter VIII, page 2 of 15)

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Dean was knee-deep in a dream, trying to pull his Visa card away from Jeffrey Byrne, who was sitting on a cloud playing a harp, when his bedroom was suddenly filled with light. He jerked awake to see Fred O'Connor standing at the foot of his bed, in his Sunday go-a-courting clothes, a smirk upon his face. Arrested slumber was becoming a common occurrence in David Dean's bedroom.

"Sorry to wake you up, but we've got an important hot clue!"

Dean rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Got what? What time is it?"

"It's only 1:15; Cora Abernathy's an early date. Listen, I checked out the names of the people who ordered the Sentinel and caught a winner! There's someone who had it sent to Scranton!"


"Scranton, Pennsylvania! According to Byrne's expense account he was in Scranton for two days just before he shacked up at the Whitney Motel!"

Dean rubbed his bloodshot eyes. "He didn't shack up at the Whitney Motel." He mumbled a summary of his interview with the high school lover who'd lodged in the next room.

Fred dismissed the news with a wave of his hand. "That does-n't matter now. This here clue's a lot more important. Byrne was in Scranton on the sixth and seventh of April. The newspaper sub­scription was called in on April eight, the first day he's back in Parkside!" Dean yawned, refusing to open his eyes as Fred contin­ued. "There's no listing in the Scranton phone book for this guy either!"

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