The Proverbial War (Chapter Four - Window Seat, page 1 of 3)

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I kept my face down and didn't make eye contact with anyone as I boarded the plane and searched around for my seat. I couldn't help it. I was female and despite everything going on I was embarrassed about my puffy bloodshot eyes and red swollen cheeks.

I hadn't packed much. In fact all I had was the carry-on bag that I had boarded the plane with. I had some clothing and other feminine product type stuff and the few thousand in cash that I'd managed to layaway.

With the high cost of affording a decent apartment and Francesca not paying me very much I was lucky to have what extra money I did have. It wasn't much to build a new life with, but it would have to do until Swanson sent more to me.

Thankfully even given the short notice I had been able to get a window seat. I turned to stare out the window so I didn't have to look at anyone.

Passengers continued to board and someone sat down in the seat beside me. I'd been hoping that it would remain unfilled.

Gradually a familiar scent reached me and I turned in shock to see Keko sitting beside me.

He smiled wanly, "Surprise."

"What are you doing here?" I exclaimed, as I heard the flight attendants say that takeoff was imminent.

"I had some vacation time coming to me and I thought I'd tag along as moral support so to speak."

"The hospital just let you take off time without any prior notice?" I exclaimed.

"Well, no actually they didn't so I had to quit."

"You quit your job! Please tell me you didn't do that!"

His eyes were warm and his hand was even warmer as he interlaced his fingers with mine and said, "I'm a skilled and highly sought after surgeon. I get job offers every day so don't worry about me. I have but one sister and I love you very much! I wish none of this had ever happened, but it has and now we're going to get through this as a family. I want to apologize for leaving you alone in the park this morning. It wasn't very loving or grown up on my part in terms of how to treat a person let alone my sister who was asking for forgiveness."

I just stared at him as I saw everything I had thought lost was still there burning brightly in his eyes. I let my tired head fall against his shoulder and I closed my eyes in peace.

"You're the best brother ever!" I whispered out as I held his hand tightly.

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