The Proverbial War (Chapter Four - Window Seat, page 1 of 5)

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I kept my face down and didn't make eye contact with anyone as I boarded the plane and searched around for my seat. I couldn't help it. I was female and despite everything going on I was embarrassed about my puffy bloodshot eyes and red swollen cheeks.

I hadn't packed much. In fact all I had was the carry-on bag that I had boarded the plane with. I had some clothing and other feminine product type stuff and the few thousand in cash that I'd managed to layaway.

With the high cost of affording a decent apartment and Francesca not paying me very much I was lucky to have what extra money I did have. It wasn't much to build a new life with, but it would have to do until Swanson sent more to me.

Thankfully even given the short notice I had been able to get a window seat. I turned to stare out the window so I didn't have to look at anyone.

Passengers continued to board and someone sat down in the seat beside me. I'd been hoping that it would remain unfilled.

Gradually a familiar scent reached me and I turned in shock to see Keko sitting beside me.

He smiled wanly, "Surprise."

"What are you doing here?" I exclaimed, as I heard the flight attendants say that takeoff was imminent.

"I had some vacation time coming to me and I thought I'd tag along as moral support so to speak."

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