The Proverbial War (Chapter One - Hatchet Girl, page 1 of 7)

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There was a nervous quality to the atmosphere to be felt present within the boardroom. Various members of the board sat in plushly cushioned leather armchairs talking in small groups of two or three, as others held beverages of significant alcoholic force from which they sipped in solitary file throughout the room. They either stared at each other in morose fashion or stared out the sheer glass walls to the high-rise cityscape beyond.

Change was in the air and it wasn't likely to be good in their case or the company that they had all helped build. The company had just suffered through a hostile takeover and in lieu of a better way of putting it, they were all waiting around to see what the new company order would be and whose heads would roll.

Their new overlord was due to arrive at any moment and if the past was anything to judge by, the futures of the gathered board members was practically a hand-delivered reality to the unemployed soup and bread lines. These were unsteady times and jobs were hard to find almost everywhere one looked. Unless you happened to be in a niche market for a desired trade, one could expect a long wait to find a job that approached anywhere near the significance of the ones they all had at the present.


The Chairman of the board stood with his hands held behind his back, as he morosely stared out the glass pane of the boardroom's exterior wall. There would be no alcohol for him. He'd face his fate head on.

Grimly he acknowledged that many couldn't afford to be so cavalier in their approach to being suddenly unemployed. That said, his concern still wasn't for the other executives within the boardroom.

If they hadn't had the good sense to lay enough money away to get by the folly, of their soon-to-be terminations, was on them. The people the Chairman worried about were the workers, in short the real people, who had made the company the success that it was.

In any corporate restructuring, layoffs were to be expected, but this was different. Panolic International Investments and Enterprises had been corporate raided for only one purpose, which was to be systematically destroyed by a very powerful and vain woman, Francesca Marelli.

Her former husband, Steve Sampson, had been in large degree the reason behind Panolic's rousing success in a downturned economy. Panolic was a solid company with sound investment strategies. The only problem was that they hadn't monitored where all the stocks were going well enough in order to avoid this monopolizing takeover.

This entire corporate takeover was nothing more than a petty revenge spat between former lovers. It had been blown way out of proportion and now it was going to add hardship to the lives of many.

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