The Proverbial War (Chapter Five - A Glass to Far, page 1 of 10)

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I don't know how long I'd slept, but I was jarred awake at the sound of turbulence rattling the glasses and cupboards in the cab of the aircraft. There was something else that was off about the atmosphere besides just the unwelcome turbulence. Everything was dark except for the dim glow of the walkway lights as mostly everyone was asleep.

I pondered on what it could be that was off about the atmosphere of the plane. I realized what the second thing was that had helped to awaken me. The plane was turning!

Turbulence was to be expected, but turning was alarming!

I got up and was careful not to disturb Koke in my passage past him to get to the main aisle. I headed for the bathroom area as the plane shook again.

The turbulence was harder this time and I had to catch myself against a seat slightly jarring awake its occupant in the process. I quickly moved on to the bathroom area.

I saw a stewardess stationed there and I diverted over to her and asked, "Why are we turning?"

"Nothing to be alarmed over Miss. A storm's been detected and the Captains just diverting a bit to miss it." Was her quick response and her professionalism helped relax any concern I had over the unexpected occurrence.

Suddenly thirsty I asked, "Can I have another glass of water?"

"Certainly!" She said as she rose to her feet, but just then a mother somewhere forward started calling out for what I presumed to be a wayward child.

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