The Proverbial War (Chapter Six - Death Spiral, page 1 of 6)

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I stirred awake again as the plane rattled hard. It shook harder than ever before and I came wide awake as did everyone else with a panicked start. Voices rang out in alarm and a stewardess ran up the aisle towards the cockpit

The plane abruptly gave a hard knock downward worse than any theme park ride. The stewardess flew upward to crash off the ceiling as everyone else was thrown from their seats.

In panic I pulled myself up off the floor to see what was going on. Someone cried out, "She's dead!"

In horror I looked over to see a man kneeling beside the crumpled body of the stewardess. Other people were hurt as well and screaming in pain as everyone underwent a passage into extreme fear.

The plane started pitching around again and I fell into the aisle. Alarms rang out as emergency lights flashed. All the oxygen masks deployed and dropped down from the ceiling.

I cried out in fear and pulled myself painfully back into my seat.

This was a nightmare!!!

I could feel myself hyperventilating, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. Fumbling my fingers found the seatbelt clasps and I snapped them on.

For the first time I noticed since I'd been awakened that Koke wasn't in the seat beside of me!

"Koke!!!" I screamed out, but my scream was lost in another scream when the plane abruptly fell in altitude.

Why were we falling?

My panicked eyes darted to the window and in shock I saw that the wing was gone! I screamed then like I never had before in my life.

The plane swung drunkenly in a spiraling circle and there was the sound of twisting metal. Abruptly several rows ahead of me there was open sky. The forward sections of the plane had been ripped away!

I couldn't breathe and some part of my oxygen starved brain remembered the oxygen mask dangling before my nose. I grabbed it and put it on feeling as if I was about to die from fright.

There was another grinding of metal more faint in sound than the first, because of the competing rush of wind within the cabin. The plane swung to the side and dimly I saw the tail section of the plane sail out into the black storm clouds that gripped us.

In shock I felt the freefall of the cabin section I was seated in. It was like an elevator that just wouldn't stop. Black clouds vanished away and I saw the wind tossed surface of the raging ocean below fast approaching.

Incredibly I saw lights in the water below only to then realize that what I was looking at was a cruise ship. The ship was caught up in what looked like a giant whirlpool headed downward like someone had flushed a giant toilet.

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