The Proverbial War (Chapter Six - Death Spiral, page 1 of 11)

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I stirred awake again as the plane rattled hard. It shook harder than ever before and I came wide awake as did everyone else with a panicked start. Voices rang out in alarm and a stewardess ran up the aisle towards the cockpit

The plane abruptly gave a hard knock downward worse than any theme park ride. The stewardess flew upward to crash off the ceiling as everyone else was thrown from their seats.

In panic I pulled myself up off the floor to see what was going on. Someone cried out, "She's dead!"

In horror I looked over to see a man kneeling beside the crumpled body of the stewardess. Other people were hurt as well and screaming in pain as everyone underwent a passage into extreme fear.

The plane started pitching around again and I fell into the aisle. Alarms rang out as emergency lights flashed. All the oxygen masks deployed and dropped down from the ceiling.

I cried out in fear and pulled myself painfully back into my seat.

This was a nightmare!!!

I could feel myself hyperventilating, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. Fumbling my fingers found the seatbelt clasps and I snapped them on.

For the first time I noticed since I'd been awakened that Koke wasn't in the seat beside of me!

"Koke!!!" I screamed out, but my scream was lost in another scream when the plane abruptly fell in altitude.

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