Mountain Ice (David Dean Mysteries) (Chapter 3, page 2 of 17)

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"Didn't the Boston ladies have any interest in the other items you're donating to the museum?" Cynthia asked, picking up the brush.

"I didn't offer 'em. But I'll show the stuff to them, seeing as it all belonged to their Auntie." Then he added, "I've got to stay on the good side of them museum folks. They're a big help in my business."

"You can say that again," Dean said, and added, "if they found a couple of live ones willing to pay for this junk!" He raised what looked like a pantaloon. "These ought to be a real crowd pleaser." Then he noticed something. "Hey, she has her name in it!" In the top seam, faded but legible, was written Annie in very small print. Both Fred and Cynthia looked over Dean's shoulder and agreed. They examined the rest of the garments and each, upon careful observation, was identified in a like fashion, although some of the markings were so faded they were no longer legible.

"Why would a woman write her name in her underwear?" Dean asked. "Was she afraid her hubby might wear her drawers by mistake?"

Cynthia looked perplexed. "All I can think of is perhaps she sent her clothes out to a laundry and didn't want them mixed up."

"Maybe she went to Girl Scout camp," Dean commented, winning a scowl from Cynthia.

"I used to send my laundry out, before I married a washer woman, but I never put my name on my shorts!" Dean said with a smile.

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