Mountain Ice (David Dean Mysteries) (Chapter 4, page 2 of 16)

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Cynthia buttered her toast while Dean dribbled orange blossom honey on three leftover rolls from last night's supper. "If that was Gladys Turnbull's alarm clock, I hope she gets it fixed. Her room is right next to Fred's. If she's kept him up all night, he'll be more of a morning bear than usual."

"My guess is she sets the damn alarm multiple times every night."

"Why would she do that?"

"To interrupt her dreams."

"Why?" Then Cynthia answered her own question before biting into her toast. "So she can write about what she's dreaming?"

Fred The Bear joined them, later than usual, and confirmed their speculation. The old man was as nattily attired in his customary fashion, but his eyes betrayed his lack of sleep. "She was up half the night," he muttered. "The alarm clock wasn't enough. Then she shuffled around with the computer, giggled, sighed, snorted, yawned and went back to sleep. Then, as soon as it was quite a while, she'd start the whole business over again! I don't know how I got a wink of sleep. And now she's snoring like a bum after a three day drunk." He poured a heaping bowl of Cheerios. "And I need to be top-alert today, with all the research stuff I have to do before them Boston ladies get here."

"Someone will have to speak to MS Turnbull," Cynthia said, looking at her husband who groaned as he poured another cup of coffee.

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