The Kingdom (Chapter Two - Unspoken Words, page 1 of 18)

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You'd think for essentially being a desert, the Wastelands would be warmer than this, I thought, as I hugged myself with my arms, stumbling along the shadow of yet one more overreaching dune of sand.

I was cold, hungry, and above all thirsty. The occurrence of all three were making life downright miserable, but at least I was alive.

I stopped my journey through the sand as my eyes took in the cornerstone work of an ancient dwelling half consumed by the desert. Beyond that lay another work of stone and another and more after that. I'd stumbled onto one of the ancient cities of the old kingdom!

What to do?

So little was known of the Wastelands or from the time before when the vast plain had been host to El Elyon's chosen people, the Yesathurim. Idly, I wondered about the people who once made their home here, only to be kicked out because of disbelief in the Creator and the false worship of others. I had never even seen a Yesathurim for myself, although it was said that there was Yesathurim blood mixed in with the blood of both Kingdomers and Nicationers.

Looking now upon the ancient city that lay in stark ruin before me, I could not but feel sympathy for the people upon whom such calamity, deserved or not, had fallen.

"You do well, stranger, to have sympathy for the plight of others less fortunate than even your own poor self."

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