Jewel-less Crown: Saga of Life (Trial in Camera, page 2 of 13)

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―Why not recall the road accident, Paranjape seemed to prompt Suresh,

―in which you nearly got killed?

―Oh, God, what a turn, blurted out Suresh in spite of himself.

―Now you may make your statement, Paranjape triumphantly turned to the eager woman.

―I have a few questions for her, said Mehrotra to Justice Sumitra.

―You may proceed.

―What's your name? asked Mehrotra hoping to catch the witness off guard.

―Don't I have the court's permission to keep it for myself?

―Well, where do you live? Mehrotra asked the woman.

―I hope you would part with that information at least.

―It's in New Delhi.

―How long have you been living here?

―Maybe, since I was born.

―When were you born? asked Mehrotra and added turning to Paranjape.

―Excuse me for wanting to know the age of your witness, a woman at that.

―The question is irrelevant, Ms. Justice, said Paranjape in objection.

―Objection sustained, said Ms. Justice.

―How far away is your house from the Defense Colony? resumed Mehrotra.

―It's as far as from Saket.

―Isn't it possible that the indicted should've seen you in some mall or at the cinema in the recent past?

―It's quite possible.

―Given your compelling beauty, continued Mehrotra,

―couldn't he have retained your visage?

―Objection, Ms. Justice! said Paranjape.

―She needn't speculate about the proclivities of the accused.

―Objection sustained, ruled Justice Sumitra.

―That's all, Ms. Justice, Mehrotra made his bow.

―Bring the witness under oath, the Judge ordered the daftari.

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