Jewel-less Crown: Saga of Life (Dilemma of Qualms, page 1 of 10)

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On their way back to his place in Gautam's Rolls Royce, Mehrotra was mad with Suresh for undoing his hard work.

―Didn't he handle the ball on 99? he said with irritation.

―How are we to make the umpire look the other way? said Gautam feeling helpless.

―Justice Sumitra is known to err on the side of the accused, said Mehrotra pondering over the turn of events.

―But what can be done when your son wants to hang himself?

―Hide the rope, said Gautam characteristically.

―Oh, how I've put my prestige on the line, said the indefatigable lawyer.

―On the line of my son's life, that is, said Gautam.

―And I know with you around it's not over as yet.

―Now it's left for Dr. Prakash Gupta to give a psychic turn to it all, said Mehrotra contemplatively.

―How that god-dam dame turned the case upside down!

Soon Dr. Gupta was pressed into service to heal the fresh wounds of the emotionally stressed under-trial. It was not long before the specialist detected the altered undercurrents in the accused's psyche induced by the damning testimony of that woman. It seemed as if his live encounter with his past misdeed induced myriad images of life and death in his afflicted mindset. In his altered perception, the courage to face the calamity showed by her seemed to have put his own cowardice to stand trial in a poor light. Further, compared to her conviction to overcome her trauma, his inability to handle his life shamed him no end. The more he looked for the differences in their personalities, the more he saw the poverty of his own character. Moreover, he could see how her spirit to uphold justice contrasted with his father's cunning to subvert the same for his acquittal. As the conflict got crystallized in his mindset, his outlook towards life underwent a radical change.

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