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We spent the next hour quizzing Howie to try and determine the location he "visited" with Martha taking copious notes while the questions flew. When we exhausted the subject, Betsy rose and took the floor.

"I have a couple of questions," she said, glancing at her notes. "Why is the time and location different? What's different about our test?"

"The location is the big difference and there are fewer plants," I said.

Martha frowned. "We don't even know if the plants have anything to do with it."

"That's easy," I answered. "Remove them all and see if it makes a difference."

Betsy turned to Quinn. "Is there any difference in the power?"

"No, not really. There are two elements to each of the source units. Think of them . . . like frequency and intensity, although that's far from the correct terms. I set both similar to my New Hampshire test but frankly; I didn't pay much attention to precise accuracy." He added with a smile, "You know my feelings on this entire game."

Martha patted his arm. "Humor us, darling," she said. "Make a note of the exact settings after you remove all your plants."

Howie remained silent during verbal our exchange, looking form one of us to the other, content to let us orchestrate the production. When I rose and asked if we were ready to begin another session, he was eager to join us on our trek to the basement.

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