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I can only describe the mood of our return trip as pensive. Little conversation took place as each of us kept our thoughts to ourselves. After leaving the town, we drove around the surrounding countryside in hopes Howie my spot one of the scenes of his other visions. He was convinced the locale was the same but the fields were not distinctive enough that he recognized anything. I was the designated driver again and once on the road Betsy closed her eyes but I doubt she slept. We all had for too much on our minds.

At six o'clock we pulled off the highway and found a family style restaurant in a small Maryland town. Over pie and coffee that followed a meat loaf dinner, Betsy asked the question on all our minds.

"What's next?"

Howie's hand shook as he raised his coffee cup. "I really want to pursue this, but I don't know how. It's like a gift I've been given and I'm supposed to do something with it and if I don't, I'm . . . I don't know what . . . sinning?"

Betsy took his hand in hers. "You have to convince Quinn to let you try again. I'm sure if he sees how important this is to you, he'll relent."

"I barely know him and you heard his feelings when we were together. I wouldn't know what to say."

Betsy turned to me. "You'll talk to him, won't you Ben? You're the only one of us who is his longtime friend. Neither Howie nor I really know him."

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