Agent on the Run (Chapter Two, page 1 of 11)

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The Mission

I sat on the park bench idly tearing the bread into chunks and tossing the pieces out into the teaming horde of ducks that had congregated before me quacking eagerly in hopes of getting a bite.

At least something appreciated me. Seeing the eagerness of the ducks and their hysterical antics, in order to get a bite restored my frame of mind somewhat.

I glanced up from the feeding frenzy to watch Maria, as she drew closer to my park bench. Her appearance abruptly destroyed my newly acquired positivity. What did she want?

Sourly, I watched my horde of minions part before her, as they glanced up in order to see whether or not she was going to offer them food too. The traitors!

Maria sat down on the bench a seat length away from me. She didn't quite look herself, which made me curious, but her wit was the same and as hard biting as ever.

"I never figured you for a bird lady in the park kind of guy." She said succinctly.

My fist tightened, as I felt remembered anger shoot throughout me, "Why are you here? Is this Chantry's way of dispensing justice? You show up and make it look like I'm trying to get back at the Agency and thus create a case for open season on me!"

"The effect we wish to have on those watching is something close to that. In exactly 3 minutes I'm going to leave, shortly thereafter an attempt will be made on your life, which will fail by a narrow margin. You will then make your escape from the scene. One of two options will then be available to you. You can choose to keep on running and find a new life for yourself or you can choose to accept the mission I have for you to do." Maria finished with coolly.

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