Agent on the Run (Chapter Seven, page 1 of 11)

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Honor Defended

I stepped into the apartment fully expecting to find Jane gone and it was somewhat of a surprise to see her rise up out of a chair at my entrance. "I got it, actually I got two. One is for a backup in case we need it."

"Excellent! Good thinking on your part." Jane responded.

I gave her an odd look, as she seemed rather bubbly. I passed over the two nondescript items that I'd almost gotten poisoned to death over in several different fashions.

I couldn't but help ask, "Why are you so upbeat?"

She glanced up from the items in her hands, "To tell you the truth I didn't really think you could succeed, but now that you have I see hope in this mission. It will be a good thing to see my research actually do some good."

I nodded and thought 'and get paid for it', but I kept that thought to myself. Her reasons for being bubbly seemed plausible enough, but there was just something about her that still didn't add up with me.

"Well you knock yourself out with playing with those. I'm getting something to eat and some sleep before round two of this scavenger hunt starts."

I headed back out to the town mindful to be cautious about being seen as I left the apartment. I thought about where to eat. Truthfully there weren't many places yet available in terms of providing a real selection.

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