When You Were Young (Chapter 5, page 1 of 6)

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Chapter 5

Samantha's head pulsated with a dull ache. She couldn't bear to even open her eyes. I'll just lie here for a while, she thought. In a few hours maybe the headache would go away.

She tried to remember what had happened. She remembered going into the Grey Oyster Pub, ordering a few beers, and then the rest grew hazy. She recalled the bartender looking frightened. About what she didn't know. At some point she left the bar and crashed down onto a pile of netting.

The netting must have been wet, she thought, taking note of how damp her legs felt. No, that couldn't be right; the dampness was between her bare legs. Hadn't she been wearing pants when she went into the bar? Oh God, what did I do?

She put a hand to her head, feeling a long tress of hair draped over her face. No, that couldn't be right either; she'd gotten her hair cut the other day. She brushed the hair back to touch a cheek bulging with fat.

She opened her eyes. She held up a pair of tiny, chubby hands. She looked down at her stomach pressing against the white fabric of a nightgown. She pulled back the hem of the nightgown to find a dark spot on the mattress beneath her. I wet the bed, she thought. That hadn't happened in eleven years. Not since she was little. What's going on here?

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