Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal (Chapter 32, page 1 of 6)

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Chapter 32

It felt like dejà vu as Maddy stood in the middle of her walk-in closet, contemplating her choice of attire for the special evening ahead-that
is, with one notable exception. Sixteen years after her first date with
Kenny, she'd finally achieved the figure she'd always dreamed of, thanks
to functional training, a year-round outdoor lifestyle, natural therapies
and, perhaps the most influential factor of all, her newfound ability to
harness the power of her God-given imagination.
Unlike that faraway evening in Ocean City, her only problem tonight
was making an ultimate decision between equally flattering styles, ranging
from halter dresses with A-line skirts to sexy, strapless sheaths with
accompanying bolero jackets. Fresh from a hot shower, she'd blow-dried
her hair and it fell in gradual waves far beyond her shoulders, barely
reaching the strap of her ivory lace bra. Madeline patted her tummy now
in admiration of its hard-earned muscle tone, which was evident from
beneath her matching lace panties.
From the mysterious nature of Ken's earlier conversation, she sensed
that this night had significant implications for their future. But it hadn't
been that long since they'd reunited. Would he really ask her to marry him so
After all, she hardly even knew his children, though they certainly
appeared to be well-adjusted, judging from the little bit of time she'd
spent with them. And now that she was-gasp!-41 years old, it wasn't as
if she felt compelled to wait for too much longer. If she and Ken had
been strangers who'd just met, suddenly rushing to the altar based on
nothing more than pure physical attraction that would be one thing;
knowing each other for most of their adult lives was quite another.
"C'mon, Maddy, you've got a closet full of beautiful dresses that all fit
you perfectly. Pick something already!" she admonished herself out loud.
Just then the phone rang.
"Please tell me you're wearing something sexy that I would approve
of," Elyse ordered in a playful, yet serious tone.
"Ugh! I haven't decided and he's going to be here any minute!"
"Madeline, get it together girlfriend! I say you go with the gorgeous
aquamarine halter dress with the rhinestone clasp and the short, flouncy
hem. The gathers in the top make you look bigger where you need it and
the skirt shows off your nice legs. It's vixen-ish in a tasteful sort of way."
"You really think so?"
"Yes. Now what are you doing with your hair?"
"Um, I was planning to wear it down. Debbie shaped it up a few days
ago, so the layers are falling in perfectly."
"Sounds good. Oh and Maddy? Wear those strappy silver sandals and
use your rhinestone clutch." Maddy cracked up.
"Why don't you just come over and dress me, Mom?"
"Hey, just tryin' to help, girlfriend! You know how excited I am for
ya!" The effervescence in her tone supported the truth of her statement.
"I know, Elyse. You're an awesome friend and I really appreciate
"You just make sure you call me if something interesting takes place!"
"Like what? You know something I don't?"
"No, just a feelin' I have. And you know me, I am clairvoyant!
Remember our night in Savannah?"
"How could I forget?" Maddy laughed at the memory of their
"haunted" vacation a few years back.
"Ok, Mads, well hurry up and get dressed. This is going to be a huge
night for you and Ken. I feel it in the air."

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