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Chapter 9

A little breeze came down the cliffs. Sleep lightened the lovers of
their experience; new buds were urged in their souls as they lay in a
shadowed twilight, at the porch of death. The breeze fanned the face of
Helena; a coolness wafted on her throat. As the afternoon wore on she
revived. Quick to flag, she was easy to revive, like a white pansy flung
into water. She shivered lightly and rose.

Strange, it seemed to her, to rise from the brown stone into life again.
She felt beautifully refreshed. All around was quick as a garden wet in
the early morning of June. She took her hair and loosened it, shook it
free from sand, spread, and laughed like a fringed poppy that opens
itself to the sun. She let the wind comb through its soft fingers the
tangles of her hair. Helena loved the wind. She turned to it, and took
its kisses on her face and throat.

Siegmund lay still, looking up at her. The changes in him were deeper,
like alteration in his tissue. His new buds came slowly, and were of a
fresh type. He lay smiling at her. At last he said: 'You look now as if you belonged to the sea.' 'I do; and some day I shall go back to it,' she replied.

For to her at that moment the sea was a great lover, like Siegmund, but
more impersonal, who would receive her when Siegmund could not. She
rejoiced momentarily in the fact. Siegmund looked at her and continued
smiling. His happiness was budded firm and secure.

'Come!' said Helena, holding out her hand.

He rose somewhat reluctantly from his large, fruitful inertia.

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