SEX - Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English (Chapter 2, page 2 of 10)

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Chapter 2

inherits as many qualities from its mother as from its father.


Sex is determined after conception has taken place. At an early stage

of the embryo certain cells are set apart. These, later, form the sex

glands. Modern research claims to have discovered the secret of

absolutely determining sex in the human embryo, but even if these

claims are valid they have not as yet met with any general



Some twelve days after conception, the female ovule or egg, which has

been impregnated by the male spermatazooen, escapes from the ovary

where it was impregnated, and entering a tube (Fallopian) gradually

descends by means of it into the cavity of the womb or uterus. Here

the little germ begins to mature in order to develop into an exact

counterpart of its parents. In the human being the womb has only a

single cavity, and usually develops but a single embryo.


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