SEX - Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English (Chapter 1, page 2 of 8)

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Chapter 1

certain legitimate ends. The sex functions, when properly controlled

and led into the proper channels, are a most essential and legitimate

form of physical self-expression. The veil of secrecy with which they

are so often shrouded tends to create an altogether false impression

regarding them. This discussion of these "Avoided Subjects," in "Plain

English," is intended to give the salient facts regarding sex in a

direct, straightforward manner, bearing in mind the true purpose of

normal sex activities.

The more we know of the facts of sex, the right and normal part sex

activities play in life, and all that tends to abuse and degrade them,

the better able we will be to make sex a factor for happiness in our

own lives and that of our descendants. Mankind, for its own general

good, must desire that reproduction--the real purpose of every sexual

function--occur in such a way as to perpetuate its own best physical

and mental qualities.


It is a universal rule of physical life that every individual being

undergoes a development which we know as its individual life and

which, so far as its physical substance is concerned, ends with death.

Death is the destruction of the greater part of this individual

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