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Chapter 1

The happiness of all human beings, men and women, depends largely on

their rational solution of the sexual problem. Sex and the part it

plays in human life cannot be ignored. In the case of animals sex

plays a simpler and less complex role. It is a purely natural and

instinctive function whose underlying purpose is the perpetuation of

the species. It is not complicated by the many incidental phenomena

which result, in man's case, from psychologic, economic, moral and

religious causes. Climate, social conditions, individual modes of life

and work, alcohol, wealth and poverty, and other factors affect sexual

activity in human beings.

Sexual love, which is practically unknown to the animals, is a special

development of the sex urge in the human soul. The deeper purpose of

the sex function in human beings, likewise, is procreation, the

reproduction of species.

The average man, woman and child should know the essential sex facts

in order to be able to deal with the sex problems of life. Of late

years there has been a greater diffusion of such knowledge. To a large

extent, however, children and adolescents are still taught to look on

all that pertains to sex as something shameful and immodest, something

not to be discussed. Sex is an "Avoided Subject."

This is fundamentally wrong. Sex affects the very root of all human

life. Its activities are not obscene, but Nature's own means to

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