SEX - Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English (Chapter 8, page 2 of 9)

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Chapter 8

The natural instinct of a man is to seek his mate. On her he depends

for an orderly and lawful indulgence of his sex demands. The greatest

longevity and best health are to be found among happily married

fathers and mothers. No young woman should marry without a full

knowledge of her sex duties to her husband. And she should never

consummate the marriage vow grudgingly.


Childbirth is the natural consequence of marriage. Its processes have

already been explained in Chapter II of this book. There are, however,

some hygienic facts in connection with it which should be noted. Once

pregnancy is established, as soon as the fact is suspected, the

mother-to-be should look on the little embryo as already a member of

the family. Every act of each parent should now be performed (at least

to some degree) with reference to the forthcoming infant. The mother's

thoughts should be directed to it as much as possible. Mentally she

should read literature of a lofty and ennobling character. The theory

is that this serves a good purpose in producing a more perfect,

healthy and intelligent child. Physically, she should take plenty of

active exercise during gestation. Active exercise does not, of course,

mean violent exercise. And she should use a "Health Lift." During

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